We are experienced in making robust ultrasound scanners

IMV Imaging have been pioneers in veterinary imaging for over 30 years. We are used to building scanners that are rugged, reliable and built to cope with the demanding environment of the farm, stable and veterinary practice. We have applied this experience to create a durable, long lasting pig ultrasound scanner to set the standard in the market for pig pregnancy kits.


World’s first purpose designed pig ultrasound scanner

Our approach is to always design something specific to the application in mind. The Duo-Scan:Go range has been designed to last longer than other scanners on the market. It has been ergonomically designed to make scanning pigs easier and more comfortable. The Duo Scan:Go comes in two versions: Duo Scan:Go and the Duo Scan:Go Plus.

Built to last

The Duo-Scan:Go range is completely wireless and sealed. It has no apertures, connectors or cables. By definition, this scanner will be more robust than any other scanners on the marketplace. This also means the scanner can be easily cleaned and is bio-secure.

Lightweight and easy to use

The scanner weighs just 250 grams. It is no heavier than the current probes used in the market, but ours contains the entire ultrasound system including a rechargeable battery. There is also a handy wrist strap to prevent the scanner dropping from your hand.

Improve your accuracy

It takes speed to scan pigs. The Duo-Scan:Go range will automatically store the last ten seconds of scanning footage, meaning you can then review the footage and make a confident diagnosis, rather than having to chase the pig to scan it again.

Duo-Scan: Go pig ultrasound (2)

Reduce your scanning strain

To minimize repetitive strain injury, we have angled the probe to make it easier to get contact with the animal.

Comfortable grip

The ergonomics of the scanner is also designed to fit multiple hand sizes. You can grip it in multiple places whether your hand is big or small.